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Lynn Butler-Kisber, Ed.D.

Founding and Current Editor, LEARNing Landscapes

Lynn Butler-Kisber

In addition to her responsibilities as Editor of LEARNing Landscapes, Lynn is a Professor in the Department of Integrated Studies in the Faculty of Education at McGill University. The focus of her work is on literacy learning, student engagement, leadership, professional development, and qualitative methodologies, and she has published and presented extensively in these areas. She is also Director of the Centre for Educational Leadership (CEL) and the McGill Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership Programs.



Michael Canuel, Ed.D.


Founding and Current Publisher, LEARNing Landscapes

Michael Canuel

Former English teacher, financial analyst and businessman, Michael Canuel 
has been the Chief Executive Officer of LEARN since its inception. After 
having taught at the high school level for 12 years, he left to take on
 the challenges of the business world where he remained for over 20 years before he took on the responsibilities of bringing together three strong and dynamic organizations to help create what LEARN is today.

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Mary Stewart, Ph.D

Managing Editor, LEARNing Landscapes

Mary Stewart

Mary's background as an elementary and high school teacher and her experiences with school research projects have contributed to a keen interest and commitment to classroom research, literacy learning, education and the arts and the role of collaboration in learning and leadership. These interests inform her work as Managing Editor of LEARNing Landscapes, as well as her other roles at LEARN.

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David Mitchell, B.A.

Copy Editor, LEARNing Landscapes

David Mitchell

David has a bachelor’s degree in English literature and philosophy from Concordia University. Since 1997 he has been providing freelance translation, copywriting and editing services to both the private sector and government agencies throughout Quebec. He has copyedited all eight issues of the journal and first began working with LEARN in 2003.



Maryse Boutin

Graphic Artist, LEARNing Landscapes

Maryse Boutin

Before working full time as a graphic artist Maryse spent many years as a video graphics designer for a variety of television programs on Radio-Canada and TVA. Apart from her LEARNing Landscapes work she designs for a number of other LEARN projects. Her other clients include Cirque du Soleil, the National Film Board, the Association québécoise Plaidoyer-Victimes and the City of Montréal for projects such as: corporate documents, training manuals, image retouching and web design.



Timothy Scobie

Technology Manager, LEARN

Timothy Scobie

Timothy has worked in education for the last 30 years, and has been involved directly with teachers and students in various scholastic activities, specializing in educational electronics. In his role as Technology Manager of LEARN he wears many hats. Two of his responsibilities are maintaining and growing LEARN’s online teaching platform, and facilitating the technology needed by LEARN to make LEARNing Landscapes possible.

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Kevon Licorish

System Administrator, LEARN

Kevon Licorish

Kevon is responsible for the installation, maintenance and updating of all LEARN and LEARNinglandscapes servers. He is responsible for the updating and maintenance of the LEARNinglandscapes website among all his other duties.

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CALL for Submissions

We are welcoming submissions to be considered for publication in our twenty-first issue entitled "Teaching With Technology: Pedagogical Possibilities and Practicalities" (AUTUMN 2017) and our twenty-second issue entitled "Teaching and Learning With Stories" (SPRING 2018).

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