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Autumn 2014 Vol.8 No.1- Teacher Education: Learning From Experiences

The submissions in this issue share current and emerging policies, practices and challenges in teacher education.

The journal is available in multiple formats. The PDF version is offered with links as well, and is easy to download and print. Printed, bound copies are also available. They can be purchased at lulu.com, and are priced at the cost of printing. Finally, we offer an ibook version so that you may enjoy Learning Landscapes on your tablet.




Table of Contents


5 Statement of Purpose


6 Review Board


7 Editorial

Lynn Butler-Kisber


15 Shifting Teacher Education From “Skilling Up” to Sustaining Beginning Teachers

C. Aiden Downey, Lee Schaefer, and D. Jean Clandinin


21 The Question of Teacher Education

Madeleine R. Grumet


27 Looking Back at a Landmark Study About Why Teachers Matter

Eigil Pedersen


37 Are You Experienced?

William F. Pinar


45 The Key to Arts Education: First Inspire the Teachers

Michael Wilson


55 What Lies Beneath: Exploring Experiences of Faculty Learning From Informal Relationships

Anne Benoit


71 Taking Action in Teacher Education: Social Studies as a Means of Cultivating Engaged Citizenship

Theodore Michael Christou


87 Shaping Professional Identity With Saving Stories

Lynne Driedger-Enns and M. Shaun Murphy


105 Working Towards Meaningful Reflection in Teacher Education as Professional Learning

Susan E. Elliott-Johns


123 The Ups and Downs of a French Immersion Kindergarten Teacher: My Journey Toward an Inquiry-Based Approach to Teaching

Paula Fortier


139 Myth, Metaphor, and Metacognition: Shaping Voice and Identity Through Poetry in Teacher Education

Amanda Nicole Gulla


153 Intimate Scholarship in Research: An Example From Self-Study of Teaching and Teacher Education Practices Methodology

Mary Lynn Hamilton and Stefinee Pinnegar


173 The Role of Field Experiences in the Professional Socialization of Early Career Literacy Teachers

Katrina Bartow Jacobs


193 To Where Teachers Learn: Following the Yellow Brick Road

The Narrative Inquiry Group


213 A Belizean Education: Learning From an International Field Experience

Daniel B. Robinson and Rebecca Bell


233 Teacher Educator Professional Development as Reflexive Inquiry

Leyton Schnellert, Pamela Richardson, and Sabre Cherkowski


251 Uprooting and Settling In: The Invisible Strength of Deficit Thinking

Manu Sharma and John P. Portelli


269 Beginning Science Teachers’ Use of Tools to Learn Ambitious Instruction

David Stroupe


287 Bridging the Gap: Teacher-Parent Partnerships for Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder

Teri A. Todd, Jennifer Beamer, and Joan Goodreau


305 Culturally Responsive Teaching: Stories of a First Nation, Métis, and Inuit Cross-Curricular Infusion in Teacher Education

Diane Vetter, Celia Haig-Brown, and Melissa Blimkie


323 Teaching ICT to Pre-Service Teachers: Experiences and Reflections

Zuochen Zhang

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CALL for Submissions

We are welcoming submissions to be considered for publication in our twenty-first issue entitled "Teaching With Technology: Pedagogical Possibilities and Practicalities" (AUTUMN 2017) and our twenty-second issue entitled "Teaching and Learning With Stories" (SPRING 2018).

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