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Past LEARNing Landscapes Reviewers

In each publication we list the names of reviewers for that particular issue. Below is a compilation list of our LEARNing Landscapes reviewers to date.

Sharon Abbey, Brock University

Avril Aitken, Bishop’s University

Susann Allnutt, Education Consultant

Abigail Anderson, Ministère de l’Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport

Ramona Arora, University of Texas at Austin

Natasha Artemeva, Carleton University

Anhila Asghar, McGill University

Liliane Asseraf-Pasin, McGill University

Maggie Savin-Baden, Universty of Worcester

Joan Bartlett, McGill University

Jane Baskwill, Mount Saint Vincent University

Daniel Becker, Lakehead University

Fiona Benson, McGill University

Anthony Berkers, Dawson College

Eleanor Binstock, National Louis University

Glenda L. Bissex, University of Vermont

Susan Botros, Education Consultant

Nicole Bourassa, McGill University

Dale Boyle, McGill University

Jon Bradley, McGill University

Alain Breuleaux, McGill University

Stanley Brooks, Marianopolis College

David, Burgess, Rivier University

Faith Butler, The College of The Bahamas

Vera Caine, University of Alberta

David Cappella, Central Connecticut University

Mindy Carter, McGill University

Ronald Chenail, Nova Southeastern University

Sabre Cherowski, University of British Columbia

Susan Church, Mount St. Vincent University

Ardra Cole, Mount St. Vincent University

Patricia Cordeiro, Rhode Island College

Manuel Crespo, Université de Montréal

Ariella Damelin, Education Consultant

Linda Davies, McGill University

Donna Davis, Education Consultant

Linda Davis, The College of The Bahamas

Marcia Delcourt, Western Connecticut State University

Alice Dell, Eastern Shores School Board

David Dillon, McGill University

Margaret Dobson, Education Consultant

Robert Donmoyer, University of San Diego

Anne Doucet, Ministère de l'Éducation, du Loisir et du Sport

Aiden Downey, Emory University

Peggy Downey, McGill University

Lynn Driedger-Enns, Univeristy of Alberta

Eleanor Duckworth, Harvard University

Irish Durham, University of South Florida

Zenia Dusaniwsky, St. George's School of Montreal

Kenneth Elliott, McGill University

Susan E. Elliott-Johns, Nipissing University

Robyn Ewing, The University of Sydney

Sandra Faulkner, Bowling Green State University

Lynn Fels, Simon Fraser University

Jean Fillatre, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Dean Fink, Education Consultant

Andrea Fiss, University of Saskatchewan

Tara Flanagan, McGill University

Linda Furlini, McGill University

Sharada Gade, Umea University

Suzanne Gannon, University of Western Sydney

Karen Gazith, McGill University

Eli Gerber, McGill University

Jeanne Gerlach, University of Texas Arlington

Sandra Gibbons, University of Victoria

Corrine Glesne, University of Vermont

Peter Gouzouasis, University of British Columbia

Dixie Goxswami, Dixie State University

John Gradwell, McGill University

Harriet Greenstone, Centre MDC

Mary Hafeli, State University of New York, New Paltz

Mary Lynn Hamilton, University of Kansas

Charlotte Henay, York University

Nancy Davis Halifax, York University

William Harvey, McGill University

Marsha L. Heck, Indiana University South Bend

Michael Hoechsmann, McGill University

Ilona Holland, Harvard University

Sandra Hollingsworth, San José State University

Janice Huber, University of Alberta

Janette Hughes, University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Fiona Hughes-McDonnell, Emmanuel College

Charlotte Hussey, McGill University

Rita Irwin, University of British Columbia

Katrina Bartow Jacobs, University of Pittsburgh

Valerie Janesick, University of South Florida

Limin Jao, McGill University

Louise Jarrett, Trafalgar School For Girls

Helen Jelf, Freelance Researcher

Terry Wan Jung Lin, MEES

Vimila Kamalodeen, The Univeristy of the West Indies

Laura-Lee Kearns, St. Francis Xavier Universty

Susan Kerwin Boudreau, Champlain College (CEGEP)

Paul Kettner, English Montreal School Board

Joanne Kingsley, Bishop’s University

Sarah Kingsley, Lower Canada College

Marta Kobiela, McGill University

Neomi Kronish, Education Consultant

Marie-Claude Larouche, Université du Quebec à Trois-Rivières

Patricia Leavy, Independant researcher and author

Ruth Leitch, Queen’s University, Belfast

Catherine Le Maistre, McGill University

Nathalie Lemelin, Lower Canada College

Anne Lessard, Université de Sherbrooke

Carl Leggo, University of British Columbia

Lerona Lewis, McGill University

Warren Linds, Concordia University

Michele Luchs, MEES

Nancy Luke, Western Carolina University

Marian Lothian, Sir Wilfrid Laurier School Board

Bronwen Low, McGill University

Ellyn Lyle, University of Prince Edward Island

Elizabeth (Zabe) MachEachren, Queen's University

Mary Maguire, McGill University

Abla Mansour, McGill University

Pamela Markus, Education Consultant

Carol Marriott, McGill University

Ralph Mason, Western Quebec School Board

Joseph Mbele, St. Olaf College

Lynn McAlpine, McGill University

Heather McBride, Education Consultant

Judy McBride, Education Consultant

Nancy Mellin McCracken, Kent State University

Marianna K. McVey, Education Consultant

Pauline Mesher, Education Consultant

Janine Metallic, McGill University

Elizabeth J. Meyer, University of Colorado, Boulder

Matthew Meyer, St. Francis Xavier University

Paul Michalec, University of Denver

Chris Milligan, McGill University

Claudia Mitchell, McGill University

Heather Mole, McGill University

Ron Morris, McGill University

Katherine Morrison, Dawson College

Carol A. Mullen, The University of North Carolina at Greensboro

M. Shaun Murphy, University of Saskatchewan

Anne Murray-Orr, St. Francis Xavier University

Bosire Monari Mwebi, St. Francis Xavier University

Matt Myers, St. Francis Zavier University

Lorri Neilsen Glenn, Mount Saint Vincent University

Heike Neumann, Concordia University

Mark Newton, Lester B. Pearson School Board

Joe Norris, Brock University

Diane Nyisztor, McGill University

Helena Osana, Concordia University

Michelann Parr, Nipissing university

Lesley Pasquin, McGill University

Pam Patterson, University of Toronto

Marni Pearce, Alberta Children and Youth Initiative

Heather Phipps, McGill University

Jane Piirto, Ashland University

Michele Pinard, State University of New York

Stefinee Pinnegar, Brigham Young University

Gail Prasad, Universtiy of Wisconsin

Tiiu Poldma, Université de Montréal

Nancy Posel, McGill University

Monica Prendergast, University of Victoria

Sara Promislow, Education Consultant

Debbie Pushor, University of Saskatchewan

Anne Quesnel, Batshaw Youth and Family Centres

Lori Rabinovitch, Education Consultant

Gomatee Ramnarine, Univerity of Trinidad and Tobago

Rosemary Reilly, Concordia University

Lisa Reisinger, West Montreal Readaptation Centre

Caroline Riches, McGill University

Krista Ritchie, IWK Health Centre, Halifax

Deborah Robert-Harris, University of New Mexico

J. Kenneth Robertson, Champlain Regional College

Susan Rowe, Freelance Researcher

Joan Russell, McGill University

Mela Sakar, McGill University

Johnny Saldaña, Arizona State University, Tempe

Pauline Sameshima, Washington State University

Annie Savard, McGill University

Lee Shaefer, University of Regina

Ruth Shagoury, Lewis & Clark College

Ann Sherman, University of New Brunswick

Bruce Shore, McGill University

Alissa Sklar, Concordia University

Sylvia Sklar, Education Consultant

Lauren Small, Bishop's University

Sheryl Smith-Gilman, McGill University

Catherine Snow, Harvard Graduate School of Education

Doreen Stark-Meyerring, McGill University

Pamela Steeves, University of Alberta

Ellen Strike, Riverside School Board

Teresa Strong-Wilson, McGill University

Carolyn Sturge Sparkes, Memorial University

Anne McCrary Sullivan, National Louis University

Tamara Sussman, McGill University

Linda Szabad-Smyth, Concordia University

Rana Tamim, Concordia University

Christian Tarchi, University of Florence

Suzanne Thomas, University of Prince Edward Island

Janis Timm-Bottos, Concordia University

Teri Todd, California State University, Northridge

Shelley Tracey, Queen’s University Belfast

Lisa Trimble, McGill University

Carolyn Turner, McGill University

P. Bruce Uhrmacher, University of Denver

Kathleen Vaughan, Concordia University

Andrea Videtic, Champlain College

Evelyn Vingilis, Western University

Sandra Weber, Concordia University

Megan Webster, McGill University

Sara Weinberg, Concordia University

Michael Whatling, Education Consultant

Boyd White, McGill University

Sean Wiebe, University of Prince Edward Island

Michael Wilson, University of Ottawa

Lee Williams, Slippery Rock University

Judy Willis, Education Consultant

Lisa Winer, McGill University

Susan Winn, McGill University

Pat Wolfe, Mind Matters, Inc.

John J. Guiney Yallop, Acadia University

Paul Zanazanian, McGill University

David Zyngier, Monash University

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