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Howard Gardner Interview ( audio )

1. How did you first become interested in creativity?


2. How has your journey to understand creativity unfolded, and what were the milestones along the way?


3. In your book, “Creating Minds” you have indicated that it was a pivotal moment when you shifted from the question, “What is creativity,” to “Where is creativity?” Can you talk about this and explain why this was so helpful?


4. Can you discuss the fundamental things that you learned about creativity in your case studies of the “seven creators of the modern era?”


5. You have suggested that “creative capital” is developed in childhood. How can it be fostered and enhanced?


6. In your book “Five Minds for the Future,” you have said that what is needed in today’s society is a “generous dollop of creativity in the human sphere” (p. 101). Can you talk further about this and suggest the implications this has for classrooms?


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