Commentary: Teachers’ Professional Development: A Vital Lever for Change

  • Megan Webster
Keywords: professional development, teacher, performance-focused, practice, change, supportive environment


In this interview, Megan Webster describes key tenets of teachers’ professional development. First, it needs to be practice-focused, meaning that the subject is very close to what teachers do every day. Secondly, teachers need to have opportunities to examine expert forms of practice; teachers need models of excellent performance. Finally, teachers must be able to practice and receive feedback in a supportive environment with peers who work in the same subject. This model, described as the "cycle of investigation and enactment," is best implemented in a sustained, long-term way. This model allows teachers to build relationships, develop trust, and commit to improving their teaching practice. She concludes by stating that high-quality professional development for teachers is "one of the greatest levers for change that we have."

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Webster, M. (2015). Commentary: Teachers’ Professional Development: A Vital Lever for Change. LEARNing Landscapes, 9(1), 37-46.