Teacher-Based Inquiry in the BCT Project

  • A.E. Ted Wall
  • Alain Breuleux
  • Gyeong Mi Heo
  • Karen Rye
  • Marie-Helen Goyetche
  • Véronique Lemay
Keywords: teacher-based inquiry, inquiry, Building Community Through Telecollaboration Project, ICT-supported learning, elementary school teachers


Over the past four years, teacher-based inquiry has played a central role in the Building Community Through Telecollaboration Project, which involves Quebec elementary school teachers in a community of practice focused on the integration of ICT-supported learning into the classroom. During the school year, the teachers met in four face-to-face meetings. Between these meetings, three Cycle Team Leaders facilitated ongoing collaboration using a variety of communication tools. Some of the questions that were addressed in the project and the results that were generated through its multi-organizational partnership are shared along with some of the major lessons learned.

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Wall, A. T., Breuleux, A., Heo, G. M., Rye, K., Goyetche, M.-H., & Lemay, V. (2011). Teacher-Based Inquiry in the BCT Project. LEARNing Landscapes, 4(2), 325-344. https://doi.org/10.36510/learnland.v4i2.403