Teacher Inquiry for Educational Change

  • Danielle Couture Heritage Regional High School
  • Judith McBride Heritage Regional High School
  • Sujata Saha Heritage Regional High School
  • Denise Schellhase Heritage Regional High School
  • Kelly Von Eschen Heritage Regional High School
Keywords: inquiry, educational practice, secondary school, research, practice, student learning, curricular reform


The inquiries of professionals involved in the development of a centre for inquiry into educational practice in a secondary school are fostered through professional conversation among teachers, support and professional staff undertaking research on practice. A framework for the development of the work done in the centre is briefly reviewed. Snapshots of various experiences and products illustrate evolving understandings of inquiry and evidence of ways in which it supports student learning and developing teaching practices in light of local curricular reforms.

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Couture, D., McBride, J., Saha, S., Schellhase, D., & Eschen, K. V. (2011). Teacher Inquiry for Educational Change. LEARNing Landscapes, 4(2), 125-144. https://doi.org/10.36510/learnland.v4i2.391