The Brilliance of Children

  • Pat Cordeiro Rhode Island College
  • Leslie Sevey Rhode Island College
Keywords: children, brilliance, collaboration, agency, participation, education, learning


Capturing and appreciating the brilliance of children as they share their unique insights has been a focus for researchers, educators, theorists, and humorists. Appreciating what that means and recapturing the effort may well be the challenge for the 21st century in education. Assigning children roles as co-collaborators in the educational process may be the only successful response to reversing the current path of education that makes children the objects of actions, and adults the agents of the action. Children’s agency is derived from their parallel participation in learning, when their understanding is equally important to that of the teacher.

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Cordeiro, P., & Sevey, L. (2013). The Brilliance of Children. LEARNing Landscapes, 7(1), 113-128.