Yearning for Words, Learning With Words: Poetic Ruminations

  • Carl Leggo University of British Columbia
Keywords: poet, ecological connection, body, brain, language, mind, knowing, consciousness, edcuation, imagination, heart, cognition, spirit, pedagogy, learning


As a poet I am always seeking ecological interconnections amidst body, brain, language, knowing, mind, consciousness, education, imagination, heart, cognition, and spirit. In language play I hope to find my way to a purposeful pedagogy that acknowledges and honours how learning is always a holistic adventure in process and flux, an adventure of human becoming filled with wonder and mystery beyond the counting, but always abundantly available for courting with wild delight and desire.

How to Cite
Leggo, C. (2011). Yearning for Words, Learning With Words: Poetic Ruminations. LEARNing Landscapes, 5(1), 149-155.