Building From the Ground Up: The Key to Health and Well-Being in Schools

  • Sharon Klein
Keywords: health, well-being, yoga, mindfuless, exercise literacy, core 5


In this interview, Sharon Klein, the Head of School at St. George’s School of Montreal, discusses how health and well-being are integrated in the curriculum and school life. Since its beginning in 1930, St. George’s has operated on six founding principles, the first of which is “health comes first.” Ms. Klein describes how this principle is being applied—yoga, mindfulness, exercise literacy—and further describes how they have developed the Core 5 Program, based on current research, to meet the needs of today’s students. She concludes by sharing her vision of health and well-being in the future.

Author Biography

Sharon Klein

Sharon Klein is a lifelong learner who is passionate about the educational experience at St. George’s School of Montreal. As Head of School, she is an advocate for progressive and research-based education. She is widely respected as a collaborative leader and is dedicated to the St. George’s individualized approach to teaching and learning. In alignment with the School’s mission and vision, Sharon is spearheading a school-wide sustainability initiative that calls faculty, staff, and students to be engaged and responsible citizens of the Earth, and to model a fully sustainable environment within the school. She is also dedicated to fostering the continued growth of the School’s Centre for Learning Enrichment into a preeminent resource for best practices in learning.

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