Constructing Pre-Service Teacher Identities Through Processes of Parallax

  • R. Varainja Stock Lakehead University
  • Pauline Sameshima Lakehead University
  • Dayna Slingerland Lakehead University
Keywords: arts-integrated, teacher education, citical thinking, meaning making, knowledge construction, identity, parallax, pre-service teacher


This paper presents an arts-integrated process for teacher educators to engage their students in critical thinking, meaning-making, and knowledge construction in order to enable pre-service teachers to analyze metanarratives that inform their teacher identities. The research team used the Parallaxic Praxis research model to frame its art-making investigations in a practice-based research process. The three researchers each created an artefact as part of their individual inquiry of the data set, comprising 90 material cloaks created by pre-service teachers, to enter into dialogue addressing the prevailing metanarratives expressed by the pre-service teacher participants.

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Stock, R. V., Sameshima, P., & Slingerland, D. (2016). Constructing Pre-Service Teacher Identities Through Processes of Parallax. LEARNing Landscapes, 9(2), 489-512.