Suicide Is Painless: An Autoethnography of Tragedy

  • Karen V. Lee The University of British Columbia
  • Peter Gouzouasis The University of British Columbia
Keywords: autoethnography, artful inquiry, suicide, music teacher


This autoethnographic duet is an artful inquiry about the tragedy of a beginning music teacher. A painful story about a music teacher and sexual allegations from an adolescent female, our composition blends music and story to transform understandings through creative engagement and push the boundaries to evoke visceral and emotional responses regarding suicide. Sociocultural issues draw deep re ection about wider political issues that arise for teachers who display di culties with moral issues and misguided choices. The epiphany-epiphony (Gouzouasis, 2013) through story and music reveals the cultural irony of ideology and secrecy in professional misconduct. Unfortunately, in this circumstance, the outcome was catastrophic.

How to Cite
Lee, K. V., & Gouzouasis, P. (2016). Suicide Is Painless: An Autoethnography of Tragedy. LEARNing Landscapes, 9(2), 339-349.