Women Reflect on Being Well in Academia: Challenges and Supports

  • Gabrielle Young Memorial University
  • Michelle Kilborn Memorial University
  • Christine Arnold Memorial University
  • Saiqa Azam Memorial University
  • Cecile Badenhorst Memorial University
  • J. R. Godfrey Memorial University
  • Karen Goodnough Memorial University
  • Leah Lewis Memorial University
  • Xuemei Li Memorial University
  • Heather McLeod Memorial University
  • Sylvia Moore Memorial University
  • Sharon Penney Memorial University
  • Sarah Pickett Memorial University
Keywords: wellness, women, academia


A narrative approach was adopted to explore the experiences of 13 women who pursued academic careers. Analysis of the personal reflective narratives uncovered themes common to the participants, also the authors of this study, which focused on striving to have work-life balance, personal and professional costs associated with being unwell, and the impact of academic work on families. Findings highlighted suggestions for being well in academia such as choose to engage in work and leisure activities that are enjoyable and maintain relationships. Suggestions for universities included: provide clear promotion and tenure processes, examine workload expectations, promote wellness, and facilitate mentorship.

About Memorial University’s Faculty of Education Writing Group

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Young, G., Kilborn, M., Arnold, C., Azam, S., Badenhorst, C., Godfrey, J. R., Goodnough, K., Lewis, L., Li, X., McLeod, H., Moore, S., Penney, S., & Pickett, S. (2017). Women Reflect on Being Well in Academia: Challenges and Supports. LEARNing Landscapes, 10(2), 335-351. https://doi.org/10.36510/learnland.v10i2.819